Tuesday, December 30, 2003

This is going to be a super quick post. It'll also be my last post of the year. These past two weeks went by super quick and from what I've read it seems that everyone has enjoyed their holiday\break. Good beans. As you all may know I celebrate Kwanzaa. I've been celebrating it for roughly 14 years. My family has a big celebration on New Years day. We have a big Kwanzaa collage that my brother and I made years ago that consists of the seven prinicpals, the names of our family members, mother Africa (excuse my pride) and other cultural images. My mom has a table set of with fruits and vegetables, a cloth with freedom colors, a cup, the seven candles with the candle holder and some other stuff that I can't remember at the time. I'm not even going to front...when we first started celebrating my brother and I (maybe even my pops too) thought it was some fake "afrocentricmadeupholidaythatwilljustbeanotherpassingfadesopassthechicken" holiday. We would roll our eyes, suck our teeth blah zay bliggidy blah. After years of keeping this tradition I can honestly say that I am so proud that I do celebrate it. Regardless of what people may think, Kwanzaa does not take the place of any other holiday (or at least it doesn't have to). It is what it is. It's a time to focus on the good things in our community and a reminder of the things that can help build character and detour many of the social ills that black people suffer. I'm not a black nationlist, but I believe in the black family. I have so much love for my people. I genuinely love being who I am and Kwanzaa is a tradition that enforces that for me. I really wanted to do a Kwanzaa post, but I have other things to share so I'm going to just leave it at that. Happy Kwanzaa everyone!

There are two things that made me laugh this week:
(there's more than this I'm sure, but these two things stand out)

I asked my mom why I never ever believed in santa and she said, "Your father and I decided before you and your brother were born that we would absolutely not allow our children to believe that some white man provided for them even if he was whimsical." *laid out*

I was in a fitting room getting high (off clothes *duh*) and some other lady was in the room just next to mine with her daughter. The kid was around 5. Mother says, "You're going to be my helper today and tell me what looks good and what doesn't." kid says, "Okay.". The mother puts something on and the kid says, "You look crazy!" mother says, "Mommy needs to lose about 15 pounds right?". The kid says, "Maybe 50 pounds.". The mother laughs, "No! Don't be silly!" and the kid says (apparently pointing at different areas of her mother's body), "If you lose it from *here*, *here*, and *here* that would be 50 punds...maybe more.". A mess. I blame the mother, she should have never encouraged her daughter to critic her body to begin with. Hot hot mess.

I'll be celebrating my new year's eve in D.C. and then I'm going to Illadelphia for the weekend. I move and I shake. Catch me if you can...or you can just come back later and I'll tell you all about it! Happy '04 people. Be happy and blessed!

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa! I've opened some of my presents and thus far I have acquired Burberry Brit perfume (yay!), a gigantic gift basket from Nubian Heritage, two pairs of FCUK jeans, 5 black leadership pins, a bunch of dress shirts from Club Monaco, two books (and a journal), two buttons from the Gap ( they are initial buttons for my name), and a purse (it's silver and I don't like it). I'm having dinner over at my Dear Ma's house with the rest of my family. I hope there is not too much fussing... y'all know how family functions can (sometimes) be. The fussing is entertaining, but after a while it's just like...everybody shut up already. I may attempt to go out tonight. It's been a while since I've stepped out and strutted my stuff. It's still up in the air. After I stuff myself and get a guaranteed case of negroitus I may have to call it a wrap. Since I have very little to talk about I guess I'll prove it by showing you the highlight of my week:

Monday- went to work came home and made chicken breast, string beans, yellow rice, and stuffing. As I was cooking and listening to the radio I heard that Ashanti song "Hey Santa" four times. I seriously considered shooting myself in the dome piece.

Tuesday - went to work then went to the most wack azz office party with (no licks) good food, but hella bad company. That will be the first and the last. Please believe.

Wednesday - once again I went to my gig and then the human resource department announced that we would have a half day of work for the holidays and the office would be closing at 3 Pm. Since when does 3 Pm qualify for a half of a day? Whot dee fock?! I might as well have worked until 5. In my world 12 or 1 o'clock qualifies for a half day. Yes, I am such an ungrateful soul. I came home and made a spinach pasta. Yum. Then I listened to my girlfriend babble about her new found friend.

Thursday - I bit someone on the nose this morning. It was a love bite. I have to really love you like that to bite you on the nose. It's the most affectionate thing I can do.

Those were just the highlights folks. Don't worry I won't have too much fun without you *pitiful look*.

I'll be back on my grind in a minute.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

My word is my bond. I told you I would have questions for you. Answer at your discretion....and it goes a lil something like this:

Raven, what will you be doing on new year's eve? What would you like to be doing on new year's eve?

N.O.S., do you think more of people depending on their educational background or lack there of?

Ms.Thang, when a 40+ woman tells you she's never been married and has no kids do you internally begin to wonder what's wrong with her or do you think nothing of it?

Tee, have you ever suffered from post pardon depression (I hear 90% of mothers have some level of it) and if so how did you respond?

Alissa, do you eventually want to live in another state? Why or why not? If so, where?

Lisa, do you have a friend that you remain in contact with, but really wish you didn't?

Calvin, do you turn around to look at a woman's butt when she passes? If so, how often do you try to suppress that urge?

Cos, if your friend was setting you up on a blind date and said you have a choice of going out with a lawyer who is semi-attractive or a garbageman who is ridiculously handsome who would you choose?

Nexy, going on the expectations you had for yourself 5 years ago, are you doing about average, excelling, or failing? If that question is too heavy just tell me what your favorite perfume is. :)

Damon, when a guy says that they're a butt, leg, breast, or other types of body parts man, are they referring to liking to look at them or what they can actually do with them?

Max, on the day of taping Who Wants to be a Millionaire, did you think you were going to win the big one or did you have doubts?

Bill, when was the last time you put your foot in your mouth by saying something you wish you didn't?

Gabi, did dinosaurs exist before or after the flood?

BlaBru, how well do you know how to parallel park?

Ramblin', who's you favorite comedian or humorist?

Nadine G., what's the raunchiest outfit you've ever worn (in public)?

Bassey, when you date someone do you find that you begin to eat what they eat even if you never particularly cared for it before?

Taj, have you ever danced in the middle of a circle (without being drunk)?

ShelDawg, if your man was going through what Kobe is going through right now, would you stand by him?

Brit, do you think staying in love is more about commitment or timing?

LRT [Joy], what does LRT stand for?

~SunRay~, do you suck off every piece of meat on a chicken bone or are you a little more refined than that?

Sunshine, how old were you when you first learned to tie your shoes?

Cee, do you know how to drive?

Jenger, do you look forward to painting your nails or is it a burden?

E.O., Do you think it's endearing for girlfriends to refer to one another as "bitch"?

Jen, were you ever teased continually for something as a kid? If so, what?

Martha, what physical attribute is important to you when dealing with the opposite sex?

Pear, do you think your family members should be allowed to physically discipline your children? Why or why not?

Soul, what have you been doing since you've been in NYC?

Lashundra, how much longer do you plan on working for your company?

AJ, is AJ an abbreviation for your first and last name or your first and middle?

Kevin, have you ever secretly wished you could make over one of your friends?

Blu, are you an early bird or a night owl?

Nova, can you sing?

Elle, if you were caught in an empty bathroom without any toilet paper (and you really needed some) what would you do?

Al_Boogie, what do you think that Milk Shake song really means?

Izzo, what's the most romantic thing you've ever done?

April, have you ever been hit on by a woman?

Carmen, what will you be doing for winter break?

Trey, do you have any bad habits that you really wish you could stop?

SR, do you have any personal friends that are as loose as the chicks on Sex and the City?

Rochelle, how long does it take you to get ready in the mornings? What is your beauty regimen?

Brick, do you wear make up? If so what's your staple brand?

Reddy, so what comes after the masters?

Nenah, what's the most expensive thing you bought for yourself this year?

If I missed anyone, let me know. You can respond in the comment box or via email.

Friday, December 19, 2003

I'm still weighing in at a strong 115. Thanks for all the suggestions. I finally realized what the real problem is. I don't have time to eat. I'm eating maybe once or twice a day. Oh well. I solved my problem in terms of my clothing fitting correctly. Shopping! Yay! *dead silence* I SAID, SHOPPING! Yay! *the crowd roars*. I bought a couple of things (some better fitting pants). Not any booty chokers though. There is a difference between form fitting and suffocating. Pants should not be so tight that they ruin a woman's natural shape. I hate to see that. It looks awful. Another thing, if you like how pants look in the waist, butt, and leg area and they fall too long at the bottom, just get them tailored. I know that sometimes tailoring can look too restructured, but just get your pants tailored so that they fall 2-3 centimeters above the heel of a flat shoe. It makes all the difference in the world. Lastly, stop buying things that don't fit unless you think it can be tailored to accentuate your shape. Okay, I'm tired of talking about this, besides I know I'm still going to see women walking around looking like stuffed sausages in extra long pants.

I was playing with a baby yesterday and I've come to the conclusion that babies are sarcastic. I was playing pek- a -boo with the baby. You know how babies laugh and smile really hard then completely go straight faced? That's what the baby did. Suddenly I thought to myself...this kid is trying to clown me. They smile really hard and then they act as if nothing was ever really that funny at all. They can't talk yet so that is their way of communicating how idiotic we are to play, dance, and make moronic faces for their benefit just to get a smile out of them. It's as if the babies are saying, "You want a smile?! Here's a smile! Now get the hell out of here...I've got some crapping in my diaper to do.". Never again will I make a retarded face and jingle a set of keys just to get an infant to crack a smile. I refuse to be secretly taunted...especially by a baby.

Has anyone else ever noticed that Chinese homeless people don't exist in America? I've never seen one, have you? That's some real ish to think about. They have such a strong work ethic there is no damn reason they can find to be homeless...unlike your typical, white, black, and hispanic person. Wake up America! Not saying that every single person becomes homeless because of shiftlessness, but I'm sure a good percentage of the homeless are indeed shiftless (but then again so are many employed people).

I'll post again over the weekend. I have questions for you, you, you...and especially you. Y'all didn't think I forgot about the question exchange did you? I have questions for virutally everyone that stops by on a semi-regular. I'll post them and you can answer in the comment box. If Klink Family decides to cooperate. So get ready to be candid. I'm coming fo ya!

Monday, December 15, 2003

Slow day on the web. I just saw Kanye West's new video with Jaime Foxx. He's a funny cat...not Jaime, Kanye. No offense. I really just want to ask a quick question. Can anyone give me some suggestions on how to gain 5 pounds in a week...or two. Keep in mind I'm on a budget. Is there a certain food that puts pounds on quick? Don't suggest ice cream or any milk products (besides cheese) because the Boogster doesn't get down like that with dairy foods. Anyway, I'm asking anyone and everyone for their suggestions...please. Give me some hearty dishes that I can inexpensively make...or buy (I don't feel like doing bootleg episodes of the 30 Minute Meal). I know you all have something up your sleeves as much as I read about you eating. Thank you very much in advance.

[Edit] Fellow Negroes (in my world this includes all races), please do not be alarmed. I am not crazed. I simply want to fit into a couple of pairs of pants that I love. I need more curvature in the bottom of my buttocks and I know five pounds will do the trick. Here's the thing, my weight has been fluctuating for the past 3 years. I have weighed between 110 - 130. 130 is too much for me, but I like how I look at 120. Right now I'm a good 115. I eat regularly, but I have been hustling lately so I'm burning it all off appropriately and maintaining my weight, normally this would be good...except I am not at my desired weight, thus this whole dilemmatic situation. Must I further expain this? We're all women right? I'm shocked at your cluelessness. I want to gain this weight for obvious vain reasons. If you do the math then my hurried need to gain this weight in a short peroid of time means that I want my ass to be extra round for someone elses viewing pleasure. Gah. Let the humiliation begin! Haven't we all wanted to look good for someone elses benefit besides our own at least once? This is a far cry from the first time for me, but let me rock with this one. It seems as though you guys manage to squeeze out a confession on a weekly basis. Very impressive average. Kudos.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

I just want to dedicate a couple of lines to Blogger, my free host, and Klink Family, my comment box provider. These two entities combined aren't worth half a penny...and that's why they're both free. Either one of you numb nutts want to tell me what happened to the part when your services are actually effective?!! We're missing a chapter here! I guess effectiveness is just too tall of an order. You both suck fat balls. There's not a month that goes by when my page isn't all effed up and not operating or my comments go haywire. Whot dee fock! Get yo shit to-ge-tha! See that, you make me curse bad words. Biotches! I'll say this in the kindest way I know how. Um, if you're not too busy, can you both please go straight to hell? Splendid. If any of you are interested (like I am) in reading any of the comments you've left me in the passed, they're being stored up someone's azz over at Klink Family. Bastards. They make me curse bad words.

I won't dwell. I won't dwell. I'd rather talk about the outing I had last week to Mobay's Cafe and Nubian Heritage. I decided to meet up with my mom for a late lunch. I wanted to show her where Carol's Daughter is located. In route to Carol's Daughter we passed this little clothing joint called Jacob's Eye. The place had alot of dope things. They sell wood furniture and clothes. I walked in there with my mom and proceeded to drool over all the purses on display. They have some amazing bags. Many of them are leather hand bags (they start at $250 a pop) and some are yarn and leather mixed. I can't explain how flavor they are. I want to cop one so bad, but the yarn and leather bags are about $550. Damn. They had other little cute miscellaneous things, but the bags really caught my eye. Some of the things didn't have price tags and I needed vain knowledge of the things I wouldn't be purchasing that day, so I moseyed over to this one guy who I assumed worked there (I was right). He was an Asian man, medium build (not as fine as Dao-yi Chow the Sean John designer...he deserves his own post and I feel it coming), attractive. He had a real Black Eyed Peas thing going on. He had on corduroy brown pants, a yellow shirt underneath a brown suede shirt, some chocolate tinted oversized glasses, and a funky knitted hat with a brim. He looked chill. So I asked him the price of one of the bags and he turned to another black cat that worked there and the black man answered me. Okay. Then later on my mom asked him a question and he gave a nod and a smile. Okay. Then I asked him if they had business cards and he pulls one out of his back pocket and turns to the black guy again. The black man immediately starts telling me their business hours and makes a bit of small talk. Okay. I suddenly concluded that the Asian man must be a mute. A cool looking mute, but a mute no less. Here is the twist, he is a mute by choice. How do you know that Boog? Here's how folks...because as we walk outside some guy off the street starts talking to him and he responds with a bunch of hand gestures then he says, "I guess.". Ah-ha! Ah-ha! Mute by choice. I guess he's on some eclectic "silent Bob" tip.

So after coming from Carol's Daughter we go to Mobay's. Mobay's is a nice little spot. The food was delicious. I would definitely try it again. Next time I hope they have the carrot, apple, and parsley juice. They ran out on the day I come. Just my luck. After that we skipped over to Nubian Heritage. Nubian Heritage is officially my new smell good spot. They have more than smell goods and soap. They have art, and books, and a lot of black motif. I dig that. I always buy Nubian Heritage soap, but I usually buy it off the street or send mom dukes to get it. They have this one body scrub called Brown Sugar. That scent can definitely pull game. Brawha! *Morris Day yelp* Alright? Okay. I have to go back there this week to get my mom a gift basket for either Christmas or Kwanzaa...I haven't decided. I also want to get a bunch of stuff for moi. The only thing I left with that day was a bagful of soap: pepermint soap with shea butter and crushed almonds, mango soap with shea, cocoa butter, honey and oatmeal, and black seed soap with apricot oil and wild honey. Nubian soaps are very gentle on my skin...love them. Oh yeah, and I also got two buttons, one with Sojourner Truth and the other with Huey Newton. They had a bunch of pins with images of black national and international leaders. I didn't know (by face) who many of them were and they didn't even have the names of the people on the back of the pins. I just played it safe and copped Sojourner and Huey. I read a lot about black leaders, but I have no idea what half of them look like. I'm going to do an image search online and educate myself. Next time I go into Nubian Heritage and dig into that basket I can cop a handful of buttons and know exactly whose face I'm looking at. Okay I'm gone. *Waving middle finger to Blogger and Klink Family* I'm not dwelling remember?

Friday, December 12, 2003

Straight, no chaser.

Raven (aka Ming Jenkins) asked:

1. What do you do for a living?

I'm a child advocate. I work with young girls from ages 12- 21, many of whom come from unstable homes. I help to motivate and push them towards positive goals, I monitor their behavior and develop treatment plans accordingly, I conference with their teachers and school administrators, I go to court and constantly advocate for them, and I give and take things away from them when they come out of pocket. I am their friend, I am their protector, I am their advisor, but most of all I am the sheriff. Although it is not my dream job, I am very effective and assertive at what I do. My job would be more enjoyable if there wasn't so much red tape. Anyone that works in the non-profit sector knows of what I speak. Next time ask me what I would like to be doing for a living. Hee hee.

2. Hot sauce or ketchup?

It varies from dish to dish. Sometimes none sometimes both. I am not one of those spicy southern people so most likely it's ketchup. Ya heard!

3. Grape or red?

I am not a fan of grape flavoring. I like grapes (the actual fruit), but not grape flavor. If you're speaking of koolaid...pass the red over hurrrr. I don't like sugary koolaid by the way....

4) Jay-Z or Nas?

It depends on which Jay-Z and which Nas you speak of. Anyone out there that follows rap knows what I'm talking about. Nas changes up crazy. If you are speaking of New York State of Mind Nas and Blackgirl Nas, then it's all hood. If you are talking about Oochie Wally Nas then you can miss me on that. Nas can be way deeper than Jay-Z (no love lost), but sometimes he spits some really meaningless crap. As for Jay-Z he has a nice flow. Real talented and he even spits knowledge when he feels inspired. I like his rap, but he hasn't turned me on in a minute. His beats are pretty much on point and you know the ladies love a good beat. Overall I would have to say Camel head wins in general presentation and consistancy and Nas wins in terms of intellectual capability. And I am done.

5. Dogs or cats Fish or ferrets?

Are we talking about watching fights here or keeping pets? See, you are way passed me in terms of overstanding. I'll try to keep up, but it seems like it's a losing battle. We can all pretty much agree that it is way more entertaining to watch a dog and cat fight then to watch a fish try to dodge a ferret. As for having pets...you know I detest domestic animals. Yark.

6. Mos Def or Q-Tip?

Just going by voice alone Mos Def has got this hands down. As far a sex appeal I must say Mos Def wins. Q-Tip had me mezmorized for a second when he was checkin out my black hair and my fat azz thighs, but I snapped out of that.

SR asked:

Do any of your friends or family know this is your space? Or do you just keep it a secret from everyone so you can post whatever you want?

Umm. Nah. I haven't told anyone about my blog spot. I casually mention that I keep a journal, but for all they know it's probably a hand written one. I don't really post too many things about my family and friends. I try to avoid making the basis of my conversation about things that I wouldn't really want to share with the world (the whole world not just the internet world). My mom always told me, "If you don't want the world to know it, then don't put it in writing.", and for the most part I've held on to that mantra. I must admit that I do write a few things that I don't particularly care to talk about with those that know me on a more intimate level, but at the same time I don't think I put anything in this blog that I'd be embarrassed to own up to in real life. I don't get completely free with this thing because I really do feel that some things should be left for thought and not print. If I wouldn't say some of the things I type here to anyone in open conversation then I will refrain from typing it...with the exception of that crush thing *giggling*. Hey look, there are always exceptions.

E.O. asked:

You have a strong personality... some might think you are putting up a front as a defense mechanism...would you agree?

So, are you suggesting that I'm like the Grinch reborn? Man listen.... lol.

I was not aware I had a strong personality. Now that I think about it...I guess I do have a strong sense of self and I project that in the way that I think, what I say, what I read, what I wear, how I speak, what I watch and the things that I'm interested in. Do I use my personality as a defense...sometimes. I do get defensive when I feel that I'm under attack. People often try to target a person's esteem and when I feel that a person is trying to do that, whether or not their intentions are veiled or blatant, I start to feel froggy. I will never let anyone undermine my sense of self or belittle me for their own personal benefit. In a nation where black women (yes, I'm going there folks) have not been respected for a long time I am here to stake my mark. I was raised with a strong sense of self and when I feel someone is trying to question my intellilgence or integrity I step up to the plate quick fast and in a hurry. Most of the time my reaction is very requisite, but some of the time it is not. In the latter instance I can humble myself and apologize...keep in mind this excercise is rarely needed. *smirking* That was a very good question, Love. Reeeeeespect!

Nexy (the sexy flying nun) asked:

1. Why aren't you answering any of these damn questions?

I was simply waiting for the build up. My bad.

2. When will you answer these questions?

Like, now.

3. You really are my illegitimate sister aren't you?

Of course! I still have the scar wound on my hip.

4. How do you prepare chicken?

Good question. I'm not sure if you mean seasoning or actual preparation (the cleaning of it and stuff). I know a lot of people that soak their chicken in lemon juice or vinegar to clean it. Big waste of time if you ask me...that's what fire and heat are for. I wash it thoroughly because I am finicky about cleanliness, but I'm not into the labor intense business. As far as seasoning goes, if I am making baked chicken, I keep it pretty simple. I use Lawry's seasoning salt, Sazon by Goya, some pepper and maybe a bit of fresh garlic. If I am making honey wings I use half a jar of honey (remember Mya the bee?), 3 tablespoons of soy sauce, two cloves of garlic, juice from one lime, 1-2 tablespoons of hot sauce and it's on like pop pop popcorn.

5. Strawberries or cherries?

I like both fruits, but once again if we are referring to flavor...strawberry.

6. Two of the best black movies of all time, list one from comedy genre and one drama.

Tough. I would say that the movie I'm gonna Get You Sucka still cracks me up. It was an all black cast and it was total comedy. They didn't try to put any messages in there it just was what it was. I think the Wayans brothers are genius' and they don't get enough credit for all that they contributed to black comedy. Harlem Nights is a winner as well as Boomerang. The movie Crooklyn gets cool points from me too, but that was more of a dramatic comedy so it doesn't count. Drama. I could say the obvious, Color Purple, but I won't. There are so many good black dramas that have been short changed. A Lesson before Dying, and Amistad , although I do take issue with how the story was interpreted *ehem*. I also really love the movie To Sir With Love, but it only has one black person in it. So I guess I'll go with A Lesson Before Dying with my man, Don Cheadle. Oh jyeah.

7. How do you normally wear your hair?

How do I wear my hair. Uh, *giggling* it's natural, but I wear it straight because I can do that. I blow it out and wrap it up. I will be wearing it in a fro starting January. Promise. I am purchasing an assortment of Aveda products which are muy expensive, but really do wonders. They have this one product called Be curly which really defines the curl of the hair so it looks more curly than frizzy. They have a whole assortment of products that work really well on black hair and help avert that unhealthy dusty look that sometimes happens. So that's the story with that.

8) How often do you go to the beauty salon?

Once a weak is the goal, but lately it's been like every two weeks. The goal is once a weak. I am not a primper, although I do like to look good, I don't like hanging out in front of the mirror and fawning over myself. So to avoid having to do that I like to get my hair done every week. If I don't then by week two I have to start messing with my wig so it looks acceptable in public and that ish is annoying. Sometimes I just want to go low...as in cut. *sideways look*

9) Can I see a picture of you?

Ask and you shall receive. This girl is really not that unreasonable.

Ramblin' asked:

1. What's going on?

Jus chullin' *brother man voice*

2. Everything fine with you and yours?

Well, my dear ma just got a flu shot so she is sniffling a lot. I visted her a gave her some oranges. She's cool though. Thanks for asking...did you ask? Hee hee. Other than that, everything is everything.

Alissa (the beautiful and furious brown girl genius) asked:

1. What yo name is?

Well, you call me Boogs and that's good enough for me.

2. What's your government name?

I have a first middle and last name. It is an Ethiopian name if I'm not mistaken, and I wasn't all that fond of it growing up, but now I like it. I especailly like my middle name. I'll answer this question in email for you, how about that?

3. What did you minor in?

You're a nosey little thing aren't you *giggling*? If you must know, I minored in fine arts. I have a very artistic soul and I appreciate the arts in all forms. I have a hidden artistic flare, so keep in mind that I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my ish. :)

LRT [Joy] asked:

1. Name three things that keep you focused.

1) Prayer
2) Self Pride
3) My fear of regret

2. Name three ideas that you have.

I am a thinker and because of this innate ability I have to (over)analyze I tend think a lot about pertinent issues as well as trivial things. I am on a time constraint, so I'll give you one idea that I have instead of three. Deal? Deal. I want to start a campaign against bogus love stories. I want to do this to protect our children. I love the kids. We concentrate so much on protecting them from violence and drugs. Congress and the media alike have been on a tangent against glorification of violence and the ill affect it has on impressionable minds. No one has ever taken into account that all of these fake lame love stories are jading our childrens minds too. After watching all those crappy movies about the guy and girl ending up happy after boning and breaking up and boning again they begin to think that's what it's like in real life. All the important stuff is left out like compromise, sacrifice, patience and general love education. Watching these movies is a danger to our kids...because let's face it, love can hurt. I don't think they are aware of that. Just like it's impossible (in real life) for Jackie Chan to swing from buildings and miss millions of bullets without one scratch it's impossible to overlook importnat factors in love. The movies don't tell the whole story. So yeah, my motto is Less Violence? Nah, less fake azz love!

....just one idea of many.

3. Name three people that inspire or motivate you.

Good question. I really wish I had peer resources in my offline life to motivate me. I really vibe off motivation from my peers. I have actually come across several online people that have inspired me. I am naturally attracted to critical thinkers. There are so many so it's hard for me to contain this list to just three. I will try for you. Most of my inspirations are very analytical and political souls. First inspiration would be my mother. It is important that kids are given same sex role models in the early years of their life. Thankfully, I did not have to look far. My mother is extremely intelligent and assertive, she is a critical thinker, well read, educated and she has a beautiful mind. I adore her and always seek out her advice. My mother's advice has of weight in my eyes. I'm very carful about what I ask her, sometimes she can be unapologetically candid, which is not always good for my ego. I trust her judgement and respect her immensely. The next person that instantly comes to mind is Nikki Giovanni. She is brilliant. What I like most about her is that she is well versed in her knowledge and never buckles under pressure. When she is challenged she steps up to the plate and does not heed her thoughts for anyone. I have tremendous respect for her. Finally, Zora Neale Hurston. I adore her and her works. She was also another unapologetic woman who never tip toed around what was on her mind or her self expression. She was a real renaissance woman who articulated with such ease. I adore her as well. Let me cheat a tiny bit and add my man Romare Bearden for my artistic inspiration. He was a genius and still is. He had a wonderful talent for capturing black emotion. I love love love his work.

Thank you all for your questions (very good ones I might add). I think each of you asked me something of importance. This was fun (and long). Do you think you know me a little better now? Does it make you feel good to pry in my life like this? Good *pat on the back*. Much love people! *smooch smooch*...the European way.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

It seems as though everytime I write in this piece I'm making fun of someone or something, referencing to T.v., talking about some dumb azz scenario, talking about all the things I don't like or I'm making fun of someone (nothing like reiteration is there?). It's time that I give a little bit of myself to you...in the spirit of the holiday season, ya know? So, I'm open to questions...consider it my gift to you. Don't screw your face up like that! I think this is the most thoughtful gift anyone can give. Keep in mind anyone who asks me a question will also be asked a question right back...and of course I'll post my questions to each of you. Now, I know that I have some visitors that don't leave comments and ish. I think you should break that habit just this one time and leave a little something. Keep in mind, what I'm doing is very much out of my character. I don't like to share too much, so in a way you all will be helping me to disclose. I still won't get too deep up in this piece and maybe somethings I'll choose to answer in a private email rather than exposing myself to the world. I hope none of you get so damn nosey that I'll have to do that or even worse...shut you down. You all will be nice I'm sure *sideways look* I'm trying to type something extra because I'm stalling...scared to post this. I planned to tell you all about my excursion to Mobay's and Nubian Heritage, but I guess I'll save that. I hope this wasn't a bad idea on my part. Be gentle lover...I bruise easy. Okay shoot!

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

New Episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm starting Sunday January 4th @ 9:30 PM on HBO

If you didn't know, now you know. Hurry up and recognize.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

I thought I'd be a sweetheart (no, it is not vainglorious for me to refer to myself as a sweetheart) and let you all know that Secretary is coming on HBO tonight at 11:30. I have 12 (2 of the channels are Spanish HBO so let's just say 10) HBO channels so if you're working with just one...check your local listings. I wish I had HBO on demand, if I did I wouldn't be acting so thirsty about this whole thing. I'm considering ordering About a Boy with Hugh Grant and making some hot cocoa. I'm borderline with that idea because truth be told, I don't like regular cocoa and that's all that I have. I like my cocoa with a twist for instance some vanilla hazelnut cocoa. I don't have that and I will not be going outside because the roads...eh...you've heard by now. Snow. Lots. Of. Snow. That leaves me with the option of herbal tea. I love herbal tea, but I'm not about to sit in my bed like some asshole sipping herbal tea and watching About a Boy. Drinking cocoa and watching it would make a world of sense, but tea? C'mon, that's some real loser ish. I'm a winner not a loser. Now that we've gained clarity on all that let's move on...follow me.

I have finally narrowed my top 8234985845348519485 list of the most agitating things a person can do in my presence. It is now the top 5 most agitating things a person can do in my presence:

1) When a person breathes loudly through their nose (and they don't even have a cold). If they actually begin to whistle through their nose then I have to flea the area immediately. *Try opening your mouth slightly...damn.*

2) When I am sitting on some kind of bench and scoot over to make more space between me and whomever then they decide to scoot over too. Hello! I'm scooting away from you because I don't want your person touching my person. Scoot your azz back where you came from.

3) When I talk to someone and their mouth moves as I'm talking. What en de fock is your problem! Are you a mind reader or what? Why is your mouth moving? Are you mocking me or is that just some kind of weird disease? Handle that cuz.

4) When someone brushes something off of their person in my direction. So now all the lint and dust is coming towards me. Are you stuck on stupid? Have you no decency? Shaking crumbs and dog hair in my direction is bad business. People get bodied because of things like that you know. Tsssss.

5) Flicking out dirt from under your nails. That is grotesque. I don't need to be around for that. The flicking power of the human finger is uncanny. I believe a person is able to flick as far as 20-25 feet no problem. If I am sitting a foot away from you...how do you think I feel? All of that stuff you're flicking may be landing on me. If you don't want whaterver it is under there (and trust, some nasty stuff gets under nails) why don't you flick it in a more contained area? As in: not at the dinner table. Dogg nutts.

*Bonus* Leaving your kid with me without even asking. Um. That's like your kid. Did you ever even think to ask if I would watch this child while you go take a dump or say hi to your friend on the other side of the room. Just because I say your kid looks cute doesn't mean I want to watch them...not even for a second. Ask first will you? You all would not believe how many times someone has dumped there kid off on me without asking. I had to add it to the list.

Welp, I will be lounging this weekend. I already did my laundry. I put a pumkin pie in the oven and kind of burnt it, but dark brown crust is good right? Just nodd your head.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Quick post. Yo yo yow...the movie Secretary is excellent. Well, the word excellent may be a bit much, but it's a terrific movie. I heard about it a long time ago when it was getting some pretty buzz worthy reviews. I saw it for the first time on HBO last night and it really kept my attention. I'm very strict about my bedtime...I tuck myself in by 12 midnight at the latest. Last night was the exception. The guy playing the lead (I fogot his name, James...something) has sex appeal in this flick. He gives a crazy sexy vibe, and no it's not because I think spankings are sexy or anything. You'll have to watch the movie to know what I'm taking about. I love the end. Hottness.

I was so upset yesterday. I had to handle some business in the accounting department at my job. Everything went fine, but as I walked away to go back to my desk the head of the department said, "Uh, you want to button up your shirt?". I'm like, "Excuse ruh?" *Scooby Doo voice* I just stepped off. The comment caught me so off guard I didn't even respond. I just walked away. Afterwards I became pretty volcanic (word? not a word?). I was fuming. I find it infuriating when a man comes out of his mouth and tries to erroneously correct a woman. I really regret not shutting him down right then and there...I have been rehearsing unused retorts for about 24 hours now. So pissed. I wish I had said something right then. He is indeed an azz so I'm sure he will create another reason for me to have to tongue lash him. The thing about the whole incident is, none of my cleavage was even showing. I am such a conservative dresser (at work). Think of Anna Nicole Smith or even Brandy. I was showing no more cleavage than she was in the Stunt 101 video. Jokes. On the real, I'm not a chesty girl and my top was three buttons open. Some nerve this guy.

On another note, you all are bugging. I am not downing dating outside the race I just want to understand why some do it. Black women always start tripping when the issue of race and dating comes up. Funny...in a straight face kind of way. And I'm out.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Hey guys I'm on a roll. Today I tip toed over to Carrol's Daughter and copped a bottle of Khoret Ahmen Hair Oil. I *heard* this stuff does wonders. We'll see *skeptical look*. Threaded gold better start growing out of my head for 14 bones a bottle. Mkay. I said I'm on a roll because I saw the sister of Spike Lee today. She actually has a real eclectic look, but with a pinch of cuteness. Save all of your disparaging remarks about her grill piece. Anyway, she was coming from the direction of Carol's Daughter so she was probably up in that piece getting a bunch of freebies. Just guessing. She had on one of those knitted colorful hats with a brim, a brown corduroy blazer (she was buggin' because it was freezing in BK today), some seven jeans, and this cute little sack like purse filled with freebies (I'm guessing). Oh! She had on this long thick yarn scarf with stripes of pink, green, red, blue, and ivory in it. She didn't let it hang, she wrapped that bad boy around her neck like twenty time looking like a broke down Cat in the Hat. Still cute though.

Quick comment on that show Rich Girls. Apparently money can not buy beauty. *ducking from broken bottles and cans* Booooo! Hisssssssss! Blah blah blah. We all know those chicks are bufugly...it ain't no secret. I'll give Hilfiger's daughter some credit...she may grow into those teeth one day...but not to-day. She actually has a good sense of style. That Jaime chick with the hunch back is a lost cause. She needs to put the rettes down too. I mean, why intensify the ugliness?! Hey, this is me everyday\all day. Don't kill the messenger...just kill all the ugly people. Seriously though, it's not even her face because she certainly isn't atrocious. It's really her attitude and her condecension. Her arrogance is at an alramingly high level for someone her age. All of that combined with the hunch back just makes her...well, what she is.

One last and final thing about spelling and grammar. I feel like I blogged about this before (because I have). I know the fundamental structure of the English language. This still has not detoured many of my mistakes *giggling*. If you knew what I studied it may cause you to question my grasp of the language. I always misplace my adjetives and adverbs. People often mistake my meaning. Oh well. My subject- verb agreement is a little off sometimes. Oops. I do the whole misplaced apostrophe every once in a while. Not because I don't know right from wrong...but simply just because. We all know the difference between possessive "its" and the contraction "it's" as in it is or it has, right? We know the difference between saying theirs and their's or there and their, I hope *crosses fingers*. You best beleive I still slip up. It's natural. I still misspell. Don't you find it cute? We all know the basics I'm sure (I hope). Not one human is able to memorize every rule or know how to spell every word. It's impossible and if you are trying, consider taking up a new hobby. That is what important resources such as a dictionary, thesaurus, and errrm all that other stuff are for. I am not about to spell check my blog and constantly edit. I wrote that message in my other post because someone I know told me I have some mispells. Shiiiii. I always have misspells. What is really new? I misspell in comment boxes, I misspell in my blog, I mispell everywhere. I consider it my trademark. Hee hee. Anyway after this person told me that I had (have)misspells I felt illiterate...and ashamed. I shook that off quick. This is my piece right here and if I want to misspell and miswrite so be it.

Finally, Tiger Woods engagement. I heard it's some European model that stole his heart. When I think European I do not think of black people. It really bothers me that I take such an issue with black men (or women) finding love outside of their race. When I say issue, what I really mean is the fact that I even bring the context of race up. Should it matter. If so, why? Why do I care? I don't want him. Why do I care. If the person doesn't see anything wrong with it why should I? I guess I shouldn't care, but I still want to know why not a black woman (or man). Why not? What is this thing in me that requires an explanation from every black person that finds love outside their race? I feel absolutely ridiculous for it, mostly because it shouldn't matter and I would like to think that I have more tolerance then my heart proves. Inside I still want to know. Can someone help me out here?

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